How To: Choose the right set for your web show

This video shows the method to select the right set for your web show. The video tells us what a set is and its importance in the show. A set is a place for shooting your own show. The set should be designed carefully and properly. A typical set should be bright with various colors. It should not look depressing like a blank wall. Make a set which will look fine on camera. There should be an element of fun in the set. The set should be made to grab the attention of the viewers. The design of ...

How To: Make fake break bottles for a film effect

Backyard FX show host Eric has an awesome new tutorial for all you aspiring film makers. He is going to teach you how to make your own fake glass bottles out of household products such as sugar, corn syrup and cream of tartar. This is generally for scenes where a glass bottle needs to be broken over an actor's head. This method is incredibly safe and won't cost very much to make either. Be sure to follow his tutorial closely because you may be forced to have to start over again if you skip a ...

How To: Build a simple stop motion puppet stage

Check out this fun animation tutorial video that shows you how to build a simple stage that sits on a table for your animation using a stop motion puppet. It will be a small, compact and easy to make stage. You will need a sheet of plywood and some screws. Follow the step by step instructions, add puppets and create your own stop motion animation video.

How To: Build a stop motion animation stage

This short construction tutorial video shows how to build a small, simple stage from scratch specifically for animating a claymation or stop motion animation project. Construct the ideal world for your claymation characters or stop motion animation armatures and puppets. All you have to do is follow this video then drill holes wherever you want your tie downs to pass through and you're off to the races. Just use the following materials to build your own stage: an armature with foot tie-downs,...

How To: Learn about set design

This video sequence will teach you the basics of set design. It will teach you how necessary the overall theme is to keeping the director happy and unfolding the stage design. After watching this video, you will learn how to design a set so that everyone will love you.

How To: Make a fake tree for a play

Well it's time to put on the school play! This year, the school's going to put on Chekov's "The Cherry Tree". Only problem? You have no tree. Well, this helpful how to will guide you through the steps to make a light, portable tree that will turn your school play on its head.

How To: Build a DIY outdoor movie theater

Watching movies outdoors is gaining popularity again. If you want to really impress your movie-loving friends at your next party, blow them away by making a backyard outdoor theater at your home. It works great and won't take your whole life to build.

How To: Build a small and movable stage

In this stage design and construction video series, learn how to build one of those small “portals.” Our expert—a director, actor, and producer himself—will show you tips and techniques for building a small, mobile stage that can be set up anywhere you or your acting troupe decide to give a performance. This step-by-step guide to stage construction includes clips on what tools and materials to use, how to measure and cut the frame, what type of bolts to use for ease of tear down, and how to b...

How To: Stage a theatrical set

In this video series, watch as school theater expert Peggy Charlton teaches theatrical staging basics. Learn how to build sets, the location of he different areas of the stage, what a cyclorama is, how to use the curtains on a stage, how to design a set, how to identify the apron area, and how to break down a set.

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